After 35 years of business, Sawgrass has gone on many initial meetings with prospective clients and have walked them through that all important decision of “WHO DO I HIRE?”  The consensus is usually neither the HIGHEST nor the LOWEST bid is always the best choice.  Whether or not you choose Sawgrass Builders, be sure that you completely understand bidding process and are comparing like bids.   RELATIONSHIP and TRUST are key.   If you see a red flag in this area, communicate your concerns– your feelings may very well be warranted.  This project is yours, and you have put more time, energy, and finances into it than anyone.  You have a right to be sure it is a right fit and that you feel SECURE.

Finally, QUALITY and BUDGET are essential.  You want your home built with excellence without going over budget.  Your budget should always be respected while maintaining quality construction.  As you finalize your choice in contractors, diligently review and refine the contract terms and conditions. As you move forward that there is a clear process for change orders once the project is in progress.   This is an EXCITING adventure, and one you can ENJOY knowing that what was once a dream WILL SOON BE A REALITY!  We look forward to building with you.